Teriyaki Jackfruit Sushi

I’ve been making sushi once every few weeks for the last few months and it is such a delicious dinner (and we always make leftovers for lunch the next day!) The combination of teriyaki jackfruit, spicy mayo, crunchy cucumber and smooth avocado makes for the most delicious sushi – I can’t wait for you to try it!

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DIY Vegan Sushi

When I first went vegan, I found myself craving vegan sushi rolls but not feeling comfortable enough going into non-vegan sushi restaurants and requesting vegan options. I don’t eat at a lot of non-vegan restaurants, because you never really know what goes on in the kitchen. There are no vegan sushi places near me, or even places that advertise that they have vegan options, so I was determined to make my own. After doing a bunch of research, I was convinced that I didn’t want to add rice vinegar to my rice and I didn’t want to use a bamboo mat (only because I didn’t have one, and didn’t want to find one!)

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