Vegan Caesar Salad

This Caesar salad recipe is so delicious, garlicky and satisfying! It’s easy to make and doesn’t require a ton of dishes – just a strainer, baking tray, cutting board and small blender. All of the ingredients are easy to find plastic-free or completely packaging free (hello, Bulk Barn) and it doesn’t require any ‘buy once and eventually throw out’ ingredients (aka capers). Enjoy!

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Teriyaki Jackfruit Sushi

I’ve been making sushi once every few weeks for the last few months and it is such a delicious dinner (and we always make leftovers for lunch the next day!) The combination of teriyaki jackfruit, spicy mayo, crunchy cucumber and smooth avocado makes for the most delicious sushi – I can’t wait for you to try it!

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Chickpea Salad

Looking for an easy sandwich filling, cracker dip or salad topper? This chickpea salad is a vegan spin on the classic tuna salad filling. It’s packed with flavour and so easy to make – plus, no fishies were harmed in the making!

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Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

YAY! I’ve taken the traditional Shepherd’s Pie and stripped it of butter, milk, flesh and other (yucky!) animal ingredients, and turned it into a filling vegan classic – perfect for the holidays! This recipe is husband-approved, non-vegan approved, and even approved by a picky eater! It reheats wonderfully and would make a great next-day lunch! Any of your favourite veggies would make a great addition, I’ve added corn and peas in the past. You can definitely double the recipe and using a larger baking dish to feed more people!

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