Vegan Crispy Rice Trees

There’s nothing better than fast recipes that are vegan, festive and delicious. These “Rice Krispies” are definitely all three of those things, and more! Did you know that Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal isn’t vegan? Unfortunately they fortify the cereal with D3 from sheep’s wool. I mean, come on. Is that really necessary? Did you also know that normal marshmallows aren’t vegan, either? They contain gelatin (ew – basically various animal parts boiled together). Of course, there are amazing vegan options for puffed rice cereal and marshmallows that make this recipe super easy and even more delicious!

I’m using Nature’s Path Crispy Rice cereal here. You can find it in your grocery store with the rest of the “healthier” cereals, but I actually found mine at Bulk Barn (unfortunately it was packaged, not sold in bulk). It’s vegan (of course) and gluten-free!

For the marshmallows, of course I’m using Dandies – but I’m switching it up by using their seasonal peppermint flavoured marshmallows! I found these at Bulk Barn too, but most health food stores sell them, as well! If you can’t find the peppermint flavour, their original flavour will work great.

I finish off these delicious Peppermint Crispy Rice Trees with a chocolate drizzle and crushed candy canes. As long as you use vegan & gluten-free chocolate chips and candy canes – these are completely gluten-free, as well!

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Peppermint Rice Crispy Trees

  • Servings: 6-8
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Looking for an easy, kid-friendly AND gluten-free/vegan treat for the holidays? These Peppermint Crispy Rice Trees are super easy and only require a few delicious ingredients!



  1. Place parchment paper inside of an 8″ round baking dish. It doesn’t have to be neat or perfect, it will just help the mixture not stick (and it will seriously minimize your cleaning time).
  2. Melt 3 tbsp of vegan butter or margarine in a large pot over medium heat.
  3. When the butter is melted, add in 3/4 bag of peppermint Dandies, stir and cover. Let the buttery marshmallows melt for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. The steam from the lid will help melt the dandies faster. It’s best to use a silicone spatula here.
  4. When the marshmallows are almost completely melted, add in 3 cups of crispy rice cereal and stir until it is well combined.
  5. Transfer the mixture into the parchment lined baking tray, using the silicone spatula to press it into the dish. If you’re having a hard time making the top flat and even, you can use another piece of parchment paper and press down with your hands, or even use the flat bottom of a mug or glass jar.
  6. Remove from the baking dish and let the rice crispies sit for 10 minutes, so they’re easier to cut.
  7. Cut into 6-8 pie-shaped slices. Trim the rounded edge (hello – extras for the chef!) so all three sides are straight edges (any other perfectionists around here?)
  8. Blend 1 regular sized candy cane or 2 mini candy canes into small pieces. Set aside.
  9. Melt 1/4 cup of vegan chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second increments, until the chocolate is smooth and runny. Using a spoon, drizzle on each individual crispy rice tree!
  10. Garnish with the candy cane dust and enjoy! These are best enjoyed the day you make them, but will keep for 2 days in an air-tight container – just don’t refrigerate them!
  11. * Not sure what to do with the rest of the marshmallows? Make my Nog Chocolate recipe and add them on top!


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