So I decided to start a blog…

Welcome to my journey.

My name is Cindi and six months ago, I realized that the standard Canadian diet is absolutely barbaric (and so unhealthy!). I have been an avid gym-goer for the last 4 years and was sucked into the lifting lifestyle of chicken breast, eggs and salmon. Even typing this out now makes me feel sick! During a late night Friday dinner, I realized halfway through my meal how disgusted I was by what I was putting into the body I so passionately wanted to protect.

So, on a late Friday evening at the beginning of September, I decided to become vegan – and I did it all cold-tofurky! I will say, I hadn’t been regularly consuming red meat or poultry for a few months because the smell, taste and thought of it made me lose my appetite. But I did consume a lot of dairy. I woke up September 2 and promised myself (and my body) that I would never consume animal products again.

This was the best decision I have ever made for my health!

I watched What The Health and Cowspiracy and finally admitted to my 23 years of ignorance. I realized that I was destroying our planet, harming animals and putting myself at risk. I hopped onto my computer and went straight to Pinterest to find food that I could eat and enjoy without any animal products.

I was (and still am!) so overly enthusiastic about becoming vegan but wanted to set myself up for success, so I decided to focus the first 3 weeks of my vegan lifestyle on the products I was eating; then, I promised myself that I would begin switching over all of my health and beauty supplies to vegan and cruelty free products. I am excited to post more blogs on some of my favourite products that you can find right in Canada – and I promise they won’t break the bank!

So – this brings me to my very first blog. Now you know a bit of my back story of why I became #ThatCanadianVegan – and I’m so thankful you took the time to read this post! The purpose of this blog is going to be providing resources, recipe ideas, my favourite products and vegan inspiration for anyone considering a vegan lifestyle, even if you don’t live in Canada! My ideas won’t be overly expensive, impossible to create or be too time consuming. I’m all about affordable, easy and efficient vegan ideas!

If you’re still reading, you can consider yourself a real OG – come find me on Instagram so you know when I post my next blog!



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